Rail Wall System


RAIL WALL a game changer for multi-story fit-outs

Up until now, all edge protection suppliers used standard edge protection systems, comprising 2 or 3 rails and a kick board. However, these systems fail to fully protect workers when they are operating at heights above the third rail on fit-out installations such as air-conditioning, electricals, etc.

To overcome the gap, EWRG has devised the RAIL WALL.

The Rail Wall system consists of 5 rails and like its name suggests, completely encloses the open area, acting like a wall of protection. Offering flexibility and affordability, Rail Wall can be installed when the slab floor has been poured. Once up, all other external protection can be removed.

The system is engineered to withstand a full body impact, rail spacing are narrow making it impossible to pass through and the metal kickboard prevents tools and other items falling from the slab floor.


  • • Offers an alternative to wrapping the entire building.
  • • No external protection is required once this system is in place, lessening the time required for external protection.
  • • Workers have the assurance of full protection inside the building before external, windows, panelling or walls are installed.
  • • A long-term safety solution for all fit-outs.
  • • Quick return on investment on purchases.
  • • Several designs are available now and EWRG can tailor a design to suit your situation.
  • • New spinoff systems are also in the final design and engineering phase.

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For more information contact Rob Yates tel:1300368646.

Lightweight Bespoke System – Jet Base, Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne

Melbourne client Professional Plumbing Contractors (PPC) approached EWRG for an edge protection system suitable to use on an architecturally designed light frame structure that included an unconventional roof line.

We worked closely with PPC and our engineers to devise a fit for purpose solution that would be user-friendly and allow roofers easy and full access to the work site.

Based on existing systems and best practice, we developed a fully engineered system that met all the specified requirements.

A feature of the design was that sections of guardrail could be assembled on the ground and then lifted into place by crane, which provided immediate protection for the height workers on site.

The system can adapt to most lightweight structure situations and projects.

Custom Designed Brackets

Our client QClad was the roofing contractor on a large Defence project in Newcastle, NSW. The site comprised several architectural structures for which generic guardrail systems were unsuitable.

QClad contacted EWRG, requesting options. With strict deadlines in place, we needed to work quickly on the solutions and come up with designs that would suit the various requirements.

To meet the urgent timeframe, we decided to adapt several brackets to create new and fully engineered systems.

Our engineers rallied to the cause, the adaptions worked, and we were able to develop and produce training instruction manuals for the installing team that would ensure both the new gear and installations met all the legal requirements.

The new brackets were an innovation that enabled the job to go ahead, without delay.

Edge Containment System

A tier 1 construction company recently approached us to solve a problem arising from a new policy.

The new edict required all height safety rail systems to be fitted with kickboards to reduce the risk of tools and other materialsdropping from above.

Because temporary edge protection systems are incompatible with traditional kickboards, enacting the policy was proving difficult.

We worked with the company’s senior safety team and came up with a simple but revolutionary solution – what is, in effect, a wrapper.

Using industrial quality shade cloth, we enclosedthe guardrailfrom underneath the system to the mid-rail on the vertical face.

The method worked so well to mitigate risk; we had it fully engineered as our EWRG Edge Containment system, complete with written installation instructions.

Cost effective and very easy to install the system is increasingly in demand and being applied to large construction sites.