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  • Bolt-on System

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    Bolt-on System

    Our Bolt-on fascia mounted system is one of our most commonly used and versatile temporary edge protection systems. The system is ideal for re-roof or new roof installation projects where the fascia is accessible during installation or removal of the roof. The mounting bracket is engineered to be bolted or screwed to timber fascia, fascia purlin or other vertical surfaces, including brick, blockwork or concrete tilt panel. It is also commonly used to provide residential first floor edge protection and handrail for retaining walls. The design also allows for horizontal and vertical adjustment to suit the gutter location. Engineering documentation and installer training are included with dry hire and purchase of the system

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  • Fascia Pole System

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    Fascia Pole System

    Simple to install and allowing unobstructed access to the entire roof, our Fascia Pole Edge Protection System has proven extremely popular for re-roofing, storm damage repairs, solar installation and asbestos removal work. The innovative roof guardrail system uses a soft clamp onto the fascia (which will not damage flashings) and a lightweight aluminium pole to ground. We think the system is the best pole edge protection system available on the market due to its versatility. The bracket does not require any screwing to the fascia or first batten line, can easily adjust vertically and horizontally and can be used on gables. The system is engineered to a maximum fascia level of 6.5m. Available for dry hire or sale. 

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  • Side Bracket System

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    Side Bracket System

    Our Side Bracket edge protection system is preferred by many of our commercial roofing Clients for its ease of use. The design is a simplified variation of a fascia mounted bracket, perfect for re-roofing or new roof installations. The Side Bracket is engineered to be bolted-on or screwed to fascia and barge purlins, timber, brick walls, concrete panels or blockwork. Once the bracket has been fixed to the fascia a post (upright) can be inserted and then handrail installed. The bracket also has useful application for first floor edge protection or even for block retaining walls. All of our engineered edge protection systems come with documentation and training included with dry hire or sale.

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