Structural Steel / Universal Beam

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  • Extended Post Support

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    Extended Post Support

    Used to provide extension for posts (uprights) where they need additional span horizontally or vertically due to large steel I-beams or concrete slabs with steel formwork systems such as Lysaght Bondek, Strammit Condeck, Bluescope Deckform, etc.

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  • J-Bar System

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    J-Bar System

    EWRG’s J Bar System is designed to clamp onto the flanges of steel universal beams (I-beams) and C-beams to provide a strong and convenient anchor for temporary edge protection. The J Bar can be placed underneath or on top of the beam. It is engineered to work in three different configurations. Available for dry hire or purchase.

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  • Right Angle Bracket

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    Right Angle Bracket

    Our right angle bracket is one of our most versatile edge protection products. It is particularly suited to use on steel box beam or fascia and barge purlins. The design of the bracket allows it to be fixed to the side or underneath horizontal box beams. It can also be attached sideways (on vertical structures). The Right Angle Bracket System is available for dry hire or sale. 

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