First Floor Edge Protection

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  • Screw-on Mounting Bracket

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    Screw-on Mounting Bracket

    Our Screw-on system can be screwed onto beams or top plate and studs to provide a simple first floor edge protection for residential construction. This is an ideal product for builders and scaffolders that require first floor edge protection. Mounting plates are fixed with three timber screws and can be installed at 3m spans. The system can be screwed or bolted on, allowing it to be used for a range of other applications, including roof guardrail for concrete tilt panels, block retaining walls, brick, timber fascia and steel fascia purlins.

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  • Side Bracket System

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    Side Bracket System

    EWRG's Side Bracket is ideal for providing first floor edge protection along timber beams. The side bracket combines a mounting plate with a post (upright) sleeve into a single bracket. The brackets can be set to a maximum of 3m apart and can also be used on steel, concrete, core filled blockwork and brick. Available for hire or sale.

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  • Tomahawk Bracket System

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    Tomahawk Bracket System

    The Tomahawk Bracket is specifically developed for first floor edge protection. The bracket is adjustable to span floor joists to fix to the sides or ends of smart joists (also refered to as I-Joists or LVL Joists. It can also fix just as easily to first floor beams or lintel beams around the perimeter of the building frame. The Tomahawk System is available for hire or sale.

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