Back Purlin Clamp

The 'Back Purlin Clamp' System is a clever adaptation designed to provide a faster method to install temporary roof edge protection along the gutter line of a roof. The main benefit of this system is that installation of each individual post set work can be completed from the one location, meaning less movement of EWP plant.  Installation is achieved by fixing a Back Purlin Clamp to the purlin needle and then hanging it over the second purlin. This is possible whether the purlin is 'toed' (facing) toward or away from the gutter line. When the needle is clamped to the fascia purlin with a 'G' Clamp, both clamps are locked in and the system provides an extremely strong anchor point for installation of posts and handrail. This system is available for sale or dry hire. Clamps can be purchased individually where providing an addition to an existing purlin system.

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