EWRG is one of Australia’s most innovative and trusted edge protection companies. Our systems are lightweight, reliable, easy to install and fully engineered to Australian Temporary Edge Protection Standard AS: 4994.1.

We work with builders throughout the country to deliver roof and mezzanine edge safety on large and small projects. While EWRG systems suit most roofing requirements, we also design and manufacture parts to meet unique situations. All parts come with full engineering and instructions for use.


EWRG Minimal Overhang systems suits where there is a small overhang of up to 350mm.
Systems can be fitted to top plates or studs in post spans of up to 3 metres.


The EWRG Underfascia system fits to standard and most non-standard trussesfor both timber rafters and most light framed metal structures.
The system allows full access to metal and tile roof surfaces. Post spans adjust up to 3metres.


EWRG Re-roof Systems are used to assist roof replacements or maintenance requirements.

Roof Boot

  • Fitted along gutter lines of roof surfaces pitchedup to 25 degrees.
  • Up to 3metre post spans.

*Not suitable for barge/gable lines.


  • Suitable for metal roofs
  • Can be fitted to side structures e.g., fascia or wall structures or fixed to the first batten line.
  • Up to 3metre post spans.


Suitable for new, re-roofing or maintenance situations.
The EWRG Thru Tile system is an easy and efficient application for new tile roofs where the first row of tiles is not clipped.

The system does not require sarking to be cut if already fitted.