QClad is a successful industrial and commercial roofing contractor who have operating in the tier 1 construction industry for the past 14yrs.

A critical part of our procurement process is in the selection and engagement of quality suppliers that present a certified product, a user a friendly installation processes, and someone that can deliver on time every time.

EWRG Guardrail Systems conform to these requirements and so have been a long-standing partner of QClad for the past 14yrs. All QClad personnel are personally trained in the installation of the EWRG systems which are specifically engineered to be light, strong and easy to install.

Rob Yates has a long dedication to the industry and a proactive approach when it comes to designing and engineering custom fittings and parts to make the job happen.

We firmly believe EWRG are an industry leader in their field and I personally would have no hesitation in recommending them for your project.