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We are changing the way temporary edge protection works for you.


We are changing the way temporary edge protection works for you.

Now you can purchase, hire or dry hire temporary roof edge safety systems, giving you complete control
and flexibility in managing your roofing schedules, and big bottom line returns on every job.

We also design and manufacture custom built parts to suit unique roofing requirements, so you never get stuck for a roof safety solution.


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"I've sent dozens of colleagues in the industry to East West Roof Guardrail over the years because I know they will be in good hands. Their edge protection systems are certified and simple to use and they keep designing new systems to keep up with changes in the construction industry."
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Frequently Asked Questions

A residential or commercial guardrail system is a roof edge protection system that is designed to mitigate the risks of construction and maintenance personnel when working at height. Sometimes called a roof safety rail, roof edge protection systems should extend all around the perimeter of the area in question and be of a height that will prevent workers from falling when near the edge.

According to OSH regulations and industry guidelines, roof edge protection is required in all cases where contractors and employees are working at a height of 2 metres or greater. This includes not just roofs themselves but any surface from which it may be possible to fall 2 metres or more.

Manufactured from formed steel and consisting of heavy-duty beams, roof safety guardrails are designed to absorb the impact of vehicles and machinery. Handrails, on the other hand, are designed specifically to protect personnel working at heights.

A roof guardrail design must include a bottom rail that is located from 150 mm to 250 mm above the base and a toe board for the base, which is at least 150 mm high. For surfaces with gradients of 26 degrees or more, the guardrail must have some kind of sheeting or mesh material that reaches at least 900 mm above the base.

For construction and one-off maintenance work, hiring or buying a temporary roof guardrail in Australia is usually the best solution. For areas that will be accessed regularly, permanent height safety systems are a more cost-effective choice.

As mentioned above, a guardrail must have a bottom rail, a toe board and, in some cases, a mesh/sheeting barrier extending above the barrier and bottom rail.

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